Multi-Fix Travel Washing Line

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Washing your clothes whilst away can help you keep your pack size to a minimum but finding a clean and handy location to dry them can sometimes be a challenge.Our original travel clothes line offers two ways for you to fix it into place; with the plastic hooks or with the detachable suction cups.

This means it can be clipped or wrapped around a fixed object such as a tree or bed frame or for lighter loads you can suction it onto a window or tiles in the bathroom. It comes supplied with its own lightweight carry pouch with drawcord closure so it won't get tangled with the rest of your kit. As with all our clothes line no pegs are required - simply tuck items inbetween the 2 twisted cords to hold them in place.

  • Stretches to 2.5 metres in length but can be shortened by tying a loop into the line
  • High visibility teal colourway so you won't walk into it and hopefully not leave it behind
  • Includes handy storage bag with drawcord closure so it won't get tangled with all your other accessories
  • 2 ways to fix the washing line in place including a clip or suction cups